New Business Development

Companies can choose to use our services at different levels:

Level 1.  Acknowledgement of Solicitations

L2T has developed linkages to several bid boards from Federal, State, and County agencies, and fortune 500 companies. We receive daily lists of solicitations they have released, i.e, RFQ, RFP, and ITB. The primary goal of this service is to make the client organization aware of the opportunities and to provide services as the liaison between the client company and the buying organization. Upon request, L2T will provide all necessary specifications and drawings, if available.


  1. The Solicitation.
  2. Drawings and specifications.
  3. Communications with the buying organization on behalf of the client company, Non-Tangible.
  4. Improvements to the process as recognized by L2T and approved by the client company, Non-Tangible.

*Note: As a result of interaction between L2T and the client company, improvements may be recognized for better communications as well as other aspects, e.g., the capacity of the estimating department, an increase to the percentage of submittals that are awarded, the development of new bid boards that would increase client company’s opportunities.

Level 2.  Research & Development of Future Contracts

L2T has created avenues that allow visibility of contracts that have been awarded in the past. In this service, we would research past awarded contracts that are in line with the objectives of the client company and provide those leads to the client company at a minimum of 3 months prior to the solicitation release to the public. After verifying that the client company is interested in submitting a proposal when the contract is re-bid, L2T will complete the research to provide information concerning:

  • Contract History.
  • Incumbent’s history and contact information.
  • Contracting office contact.
  • Small Business contact.
  • Potential teaming partners.
  • Agency budget fluctuation.
  • Buyer budget fluctuation.
  • Buyer improvement request.
  • End user improvement request.

This information will be instrumental in making an informed decision as to whether or not to submit a proposal, and/or how the client company could place themselves in a favorable position to be awarded the contract. The value added to the client company is:

  1. Increase the probability of award.
  2. Reduced time required of the estimating department.
  3. Increasing the percentage of contracts bid versus contracts reviewed.
  4. Ask pertinent questions to the buyer prior to the responsibility of the buyer to communicate the questions to the competitors.
  5. Provide additional time to identify opportunities that are directly in line with the client company’s objectives.


  1. Lead acknowledgment three months prior to the advertisement of the solicitation for re-bid.
  2. White paper of all the available research information indicated above accumulated in a document titled “Keys to Success”.

Level 3 Proposal Development

When the client company wants to submit a proposal on the leads that L2T has provided, L2T possesses the capability to construct such a document. We have several proposal writers on staff with a substantial amount of years of federal contract experience. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist and/or provide the total deliverables to the client organization.


  1. Completed or partial written proposal as requested from client organization.
  2. Proposal submittal to the potential customer as indicated in the Request for Proposal (RFP).

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