A Bit of Old News:

Our web site officially launched on June 10, 2013. 

Newspaper replica
Newspaper replica.

After months of planning, collection of information, and design work, President and Owner of Logistics to Technology Products and Services, Walter Mitchell, has launched the company’s official web site, www.L2TPANDS.com.

Mr. Mitchell said, “The purpose of our web site is first, of course, to give us a web presence to enhance the opportunity for customers and potential customers to easily find and contact us, but also to help us get our message out to let people know who we are and what we do.

“Our intent is to build lasting, solid relationships with leading manufacturers that provide the opportunity to negotiate contracts with potential customers seeking products procured from ethical and viable Minority Business Enterprises and Small Disadvantaged Businesses.

“We will offer excellent returns to customers, vendors, company and employees within the guidelines of ethical and solid business practices.

“We are striving to become the leading, innovative provider of industrial materials, food products and professional services in several market segments and the largest employer of individuals with disabilities.”

To learn more about L2T Products and Services, please give Walter a call at 800-340-8211, ext. 101 or click here to use our Contact Form.


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