Service Disciplines

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Business Development

Many companies do not have resources dedicated to finding, researching and responding to Requests for Quote (RFQ), which are the lifeblood of future business. We do! For a modest fee, L2T procurement specialists can assist companies to maintain a focus on running their business, while L2T manages the process of developing new business on an ongoing basis. Companies can choose to use the level of service that meets their needs. Learn more about our new business development services


Based on the consumption purposes of the acquired goods and services, procurement activities are often split into two distinct categories. The first category being direct, production-related procurement and the second being indirect, non-production-related procurement. L2T will provide both types of procurement.

Direct procurement occurs in manufacturing settings only. It encompasses all items that are part of finished products, such as raw material, components and parts. Direct procurement, which is the focus in supply chain management, directly affects the production process of manufacturing firms. In contrast, Indirect procurement activities concern “operating resources” that a company purchases to enable its operations. It comprises a wide variety of goods and services, from standardized low value items like office supplies and machine lubricants to complex and costly products and services, like heavy equipment and consulting services.

Supply Chain Management

L2T services encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics management. It also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers. In essence, supply chain management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies. L2T emphasizes the use of small and minority business concerns. It is vital to the American economy that companies in these categories survive. L2T utilizes major efforts to include the companies that are in the socio-economic categories that are protected by the federal government.

Commodity Management

L2T will utilize a process of developing a systematic approach to the entire usage cycle for a group of items. Commodity Management is often used interchangeably with Category Management.

It is generally considered as one aspect of the Procurement Management toolkit, and frequently is used in combination with other tools–such as ‘two-by-four-box’ analysis, looking at the strategic positioning of that commodity with respect to an organization and its supplier. This may then be further developed with Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), with designated Buyers managing key suppliers in given commodities.


L2T Products and Services will utilize effective processes to manage the flow of resources between point of origin and the point of destination in order to meet some customer requirements. The resources managed in logistics can include physical items, such as food, materials, equipment, liquids, and staff, as well as abstract items such as information, particles, and energy. The logistics of physical items involves the integration of information flow, material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and often security. The complexity of logistics can be modeled, analyzed, visualized, and optimized by dedicated simulation software. Minimizing use of resources and time are common goals we pursue.

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